Art Auctions

Supporting the community is important to the staff and customers of Isaac’s Way Restaurant. Our art auctions are ongoing, raising funds which helps underprivileged children take lessons in THE ARTS … dance, theatre, music and art. There are over 75 art pieces displayed at Isaac’s Way, all generously donated by New Brunswick artists. We are proud of them, and encouraged that your heartfelt bids continue to make a difference. Thank you for helping us raise $243,500 since 2007!

Our current auction

Spring/Summer 2021 Art Auction #41 for THEATRE Classes

Fantastic! We raised $8,360 for KIDS! It will be well used, that’s for sure, to provide THEATRE instruction to energetic children in Fredericton. Learning to perform builds self confidence, and we are happy to help children pay for these acting lessons. ….. Acting and performing is so important for children. They become courageous and confident with role playing, it’s a healthy form of self-expression, it’s also good for brain development as they learn to remember lines, focus on timing and the other cast members. This type of extra-curricular activity will even help improve their grades. Need we say more? ….. This auction is now CLOSED. Thank you to the 65+ artists who donated art, and thank you to the many customers who placed bids and made purchases. Click on any photo below to start the slideshow. Winning Bids are located under each image. ….. To inquire about the bursary program for kids-in-need, please email

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