Art Auctions

Supporting the community is important to the staff and customers of Isaac’s Way Restaurant. Our art auctions are ongoing, raising funds which helps underprivileged children take lessons in THE ARTS … dance, theatre, music and art. There are over 75 art pieces displayed at Isaac’s Way, all generously donated by New Brunswick artists. We are proud of them, and encouraged that your heartfelt bids continue to make a difference. Thank you for helping us raise $320,865 since 2007!

Our current auction

Winter 2024 Art Auction #49 for THEATRE Classes

Welcome to our 49th Art Auction! It runs until March 31st. We are proud to be fundraising for talented young ACTORS and ACTRESSES in Fredericton! YOU can help sponsor some kids-in-need by bidding on (or purchasing) one of these 75+ pieces of LOCAL art. Visit the Art Gallery 649 Queen Street to place your bids in person, or type an online bid as a comment as you scroll through these images. Are you excited to see the collection? Click on any photo below to start the slideshow. Artist information and current bids are listed below each slide. Enjoy! ... To inquire about the bursary program for kids-in-need, please email

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