Chickpea Vegetable Samosas
Three bundles of yum! Cauliflower, sweet potato, chickpeas, onions, seasoned, sautéed, & wrapped up! Served to you with a
sweet bourbon sauce. This appetizer is vegan. $12

Maritime Potato Skins
Fried crispy, topped with sun dried tomato pesto and spring onions. Finished with goat cheese $12, or Scottage Cheeze smoked gouda (vegan) $13.

Curried Lamb Spring Rolls
Ground lamb with mushrooms, garlic, curry seasonings, all wrapped up. Served with a fresh cilantro lime sour cream. $14

Scallop Fritters
Four tasty fritters made with East Coast scallops served with a lemon dill sauce for dipping. $15

Bacon Artichoke Dip
Warm and cheesy, served with veggies and grilled bread. $16

Sweet Potato Fries
Great for sharing, addictive with our spicy aioli. These fries are vegan, just ask for vegan spicy mayo. $12

Zucchini Sticks
Perfect for dipping in spicy aioli $12

Carbonara Mussels
PEI mussels cooked in a creamy sun dried tomato and bacon sauce $14